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[Français] Armistice – la fin de la Grande Guerre

Le 11 novembre est la date anniversaire de l’armistice de la Première Guerre Mondiale. Depuis 1922, ce jour est ferié en France. Signé à 5h15 du matin dans le “wagon de l’Armistice” du train d’État-Major du maréchal Ferdinand Foch, l’armistice marque la fin des combats, la victoire des Alliés et la défaite des Allemands en 1918. La…


It’s Halloween!!

Hi Friends!

How are you today? Our post today talks about Halloween and Fall, a fun and beautiful time to be in the United States!


Piérdete sin miedo. Inmérsion cultural.

Este es el relato Cristian Cambronero, viajero y periodista incansable:

“En los próximos años te van a distraer ideas, sentimientos y personas. Aférrate al plan, que sé lo que te digo. Invierte en viajar, que es invertir en vivir. Usa lo que te ganes para alejarte de vez en cuando, que no puede haber perspectiva sin distancia. Ándate y vuelve, y ándate.


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Know the opinion of those who know us.

Hello! My name is Natalia. I’m from Brazil and always had difficulties with the English language. I attended several courses and tried different methodologies. When I started studying at SimpleSchool, the teacher was interested to ask about my goals in learning English and what were my areas of interest.


Natália Aguiar
Fortaleza, Brazil (e-classes solo)

I’d do it all over again. It has been about three years that I have been living this new studying and learning life experience. The new millennium brought upon me a better contact with technology and a new learning way, different that what I had ever experienced. It’s the study of the English language from a distance, through Skype, as if I were in a classroom.


Pedro Henrique Antero
Fortaleza, Brazil (e-classes solo and writing course)

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Practice a language in a SIMPLE way!

[English] Count on me!

Hello friends!! Today, and always, Simple School is going to appreciate friendship. Friends are so important in our lives and we can’t live without them! So here is a song from singer Bruno Mars about being and having great friends! Print the song Watch the video and try to complete the song. Good for all…


La importancia de la coma

¿Cómo usar la coma en español?

La coma tiene el poder de cambiar un texto.

La coma es un signo de puntuación que señala una breve pausa que se produce dentro de la oración o para separar distintas oraciones y frases que se refieran al mismo tema, pero que engloben diferentes ideas o conceptos.


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