SimpleSchool believes in the beauty of education, in the stetics of learning and teaching and in the art of transforming oneself through new experiences and new acquaintancies. In our school, teacher are learning facilitators, they involve their students in an adapted methodology so that each one of them can fortify their wings and raise their own flight.

At SimpleSchool the acuisition of a foreign language is dynamic, spontaneous and SIMPLE.

The content taught is designed based on the interests of each learner. In our classes, whether online, in a classroom or in field lessons, we use conversation in a creative and funny way, the interactions with the environment and with culture, the sharing of knowledge between teacher and learner, the freedom of thought, briefly: the magic of teaching and learning. This way, learning gets new spaces and forms, trespassing the four walls of the classrooms, of the pages of a book or of the computer’s screen.

“You live a new life for every language you learn”.

(Czech proverb)

We share life with language.

We use our histories of life as a learning tool. It’s our lives that invite us to learn a new language and that takes us to enter a new world. SIMPLE teachers stand by their students through this journey, integrating the new language in the learner’s day-to-day life, getting him practice it, think it and feel it through his own life, his own activities, his own values. In this movement, we acquire a significant learning of the foreign language, which happens in a sensitive, spontaneous and simple way. Suddenly, the learned language gets its own space and the learners feel themselves changed, by a new way of thinking that the language brought to them. At SimpleSchool we’re convinced that learning a language, when it has a meaning in the life of a learner, is not only better succeeded but also has the power to transform their attitudes and their look towards the world.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world”.

(Ludwig Wittgenstein)

Our mission as a school is to provide our learner to open new doors in the univers of learning: at each class, at each visit to our website and blogs and in our immersion programs. In total immersion in the country where the language is spoken, in the company of a SIMPLE teacher, the learner will live the new language in a real and practical way, experimenting the day-to-day life of a new culture, sharing life experiences with local people, integrating definitely the new language in their lives.

Start a new life, expand the limits of your universe, share life with language!

SIMPLE @ SimpleSchool!