We understand that the whole process of learning and teaching has to be SIMPLE. We use SIMPLE TEACHING, SIMPLE LEARNING and SIMPLE METHODOLOGY, based on spontaneous conversations and on the interests and objectives of each learner.

We use the thoughts of humanist educators, like Paulo Freire, Rubem Alves, Freinet, Dewey, Vygostky as source of inspiration for preparing our courses. They inspire us to seek beauty and art in teaching, they teach us the need for a teaching-learning process based on our senses, on real life experiences, through internal stimuli (motivation, objectives) and external influences (society, culture).

At SimpleSchool, both educator and learner – the one who learns – are active subjects. Both learn and teach. Both bring to the class their life experiences and their values. The educator is, at SimpleSchool, a learning facilitator, allowing the learner to see and reflect about these experiences and values in another language. Both need outside spaces to put into practice the new knowledge.

Together, educator and learner “re-design the world, re-make the world, re-dance with/on it and re-enchant it” (Freire) with different shine and color. Together we learn how to give names to things, we learn how to re-signify them and see them from other points of view. Through the communicative approachwe use the foreign language in different contexts, allowing the learner to develop their communicative competence through the interaction between teacher/learner/social environment.

At SimpleSchool, we define teaching and learning as simple and spontaneous actions. At the same time that they are curious and natural, magical and essential.

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