Hello! My name is Natalia. I’m from Brazil and always had difficulties with the English language. I attended several courses and tried different methodologies. When I started studying at SimpleSchool, the teacher was interested to ask about my goals in learning English and what were my areas of interest.


Natália Aguiar
Fortaleza, Brazil (e-classes solo)

I’d do it all over again. It has been about three years that I have been living this new studying and learning life experience. The new millennium brought upon me a better contact with technology and a new learning way, different that what I had ever experienced. It’s the study of the English language from a distance, through Skype, as if I were in a classroom.


Pedro Henrique Antero
Fortaleza, Brazil (e-classes solo and writing course)

One of these days a friend of mine asked me what it was like to take classes through the internet. My answer: I take classes through skype or hangout, this way I can see the teacher all the time, and she can see me. (more…)

Christyanne Venâncio
Brasília, Brazil (e-classes solo)