What is SIMPLE’s immersion program?

It’s a personalized cultural immersion program. The learner, guided by a teacher and by the SIMPLE method, practices the foreign language in the country where it is spoken. Through field lessons and onsite classrooms, the learning process happens in a playful, practical, real and intense way, associating smart tourism, culture and learning to the student’s own interests.

Immersion programs are available in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Fortaleza (Brazil), Paris (France), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Berlin (Germany).

imersão em buenos aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Benefits of SIMPLE’s immersion program:

  • Personalized: The pedagogic program is exclusively adapted to each student or group of students’ pace and interests.
  • Enhancement: The humanistic method applied by SIMPLE, associated to complete immersion, is the fastest and most efficient way of improving a language.
  • Personal enhancement: To explore a country using its local language is to discover a new culture. To add this culture to your life allows you to rethink your own culture and habits.
  • Prices: Our prices are fairly settled according to what is currently offered in the field.
  • Fun: Participating in SIMPLE’s immersion program connects tourism and learning. We offer extracurricular activities such as trips, sports and art that engage the learner to find a more fun and deeper way of learning the new culture.


Can we participate in the program as a group?

Yes, the programs are created for groups of up to 4 people. We also have a program designed specifically for families (parents and children) and individual programs.


How long do the immersion programs take?

We offer travel packages from 1 to 4 weeks.

How long do we stay in the classroom or doing exercises?


Paris, France

The least amount of time possible. Each branch has a location where the lessons and concepts can be taught and revised, before or after the field lessons. The most important is done on field: stores, museums, restaurants, art galleries, sports and cooking, sightseeing and etc., according to each learner’s interest, the teacher designs an unique and dynamic course. The duration of the course (classroom and field) should not exceed 4 hours per day and the homework will be to practice the language with native speakers through natural travel experiences or as suggested by the teacher.

Do we use textbooks?

No, unless the learner needs it for a specific reason (to continue a specific course, to pass a test, etc.). The most important idea is that the book is personalized, done by the learner and the teacher during the classes, unlike textbooks.


Do we get a certificate at the end of the immersion course?

Yes. Each learner will receive a certificate from SimpleSchool informing the number of classes attended and the language level of instruction.


Do I need to have any knowledge of the foreign language to be able to take the immersion course?

No. Every learner (from basic to advance) is welcome.

Where do we stay?

Each learner will receive two or three options of accommodation in the country. Hotels or apartments can be offered by each branch.


Who will pick us up at the airport?

Each learner will be picked up by a Staff SIMPLE. Our classes start right away! We will then take you to your accommodation, where we will provide you with your classes schedule and all the information necessary for you to have a beautiful stay.


Will we see the city/sights with the teacher?

Yes! we will see the city and its sights while learning and improving the new language.


Are we able to take other types of courses during our stay?

Of course! We offer a variety of courses and sports/fitness for you to be able to improve your language even more.

Each branch will offer courses linked to the culture of each country and visa specifications. For example, in France you will be able to take a wine tasting course. In Argentina, a tango course. We also care about your leisure and health. We offer Yoga classes, running group exercises, personal training, etc.


And how does the family program work?

Nothing better than to travel with family! We usually think that we do not have time or cannot take an immersion course because we are parents. How about travelling with your children and wife/husband? What about taking the chance to enjoy a different vacation? We will take you to enjoy the trip in a playful, light, relaxed and fun way. We will teach the language by getting to know the places where the children and/or teenagers and parents like to be. We will respect the learning rhythm and level of each one of you.


Can we travel to get to know other countries?

Of course! SimpleSchool will direct you to travel agencies that are able to help you make your dream come true.

Nevertheless, it belongs to each learner the responsibility to assure the legality of their entrance and stay in each visited country.


What is the minimum/maximum age to participate in the immersion program?

We will only host adults, meaning learners over 18 years old. Children are welcome if accompanied by a guardian. And we will gladly, with a lot of dedication, host senior learners. There is no limit age to participate in the immersion courses. As a prerequisite, we only ask that you be in good health, good mood and have an open heart to a new world of learning.


What is the investment?

We have packages starting from US$ 900* per week.

* Each package includes shuttle from airport / accommodation (breakfast included or not according to options) / classes (3-4 daily hours) / certificate / touristic information/ local transportation (according to the option) and shuttle to the airport.

*The packages do not include air tickets, travel insurance, additional courses/ visas nor other services besides what is listed above. 

*The price depends on the length of stay, the number of learners, the type of accommodation and the package selected.


What documentation do I need to travel?

It is always good to travel safely and calmly. Therefore a valid passport, a visa (depending on the country you’ll visit and on your nationality it may not be necessary) and tourist health insurance are mandatory. We ask that you verify the information available at the consulate of the country you wish to travel to.

We’ll be happy to help you get these documents, but we’re not responsible for the regularity of a learner’s entrance or stay in the immersion country.

Before the trip, we ask you to send us a copy of the visa (and any other document demanded by the consulate, if it’s the case) and of the health insurance policy.


Another specific question?

Contact us. It will be a pleasure to know more of your cultural immersion project!


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