What are e-classes? How do they take place?

E-classes are classes online. Contact with the teacher is made through programs such as Skype and/or Google hangouts.

SIMPLE E-classes are lessons based on non-traditional methods taught via the Internet, which mix stories of lives with the addressed themes. We use a humanistic approach based on the teachings of Paulo Freire, Rubem Alves, Dewey, Freinet and Vygotsky. Classes are held through a fun methodology, practical and dynamic, with the use of videos, songs, readings and with an emphasis on conversation. Important aspects of learning a language, such as writing, reading, grammar, fluency, pronunciation and intonation, are all worked in class.


Benefits of SIMPLE e-classes:

  • Flexibility: You can take classes in unconventional hours according to your schedule.
  • Convenience and speed: You can have lessons wherever you are.
  • Customization:: Classes are unique and exclusive to you, according to your pace and interests.
  • Interactive Educational Material:: Classes can be recorded and the material used in each lesson are sent by email after class.
  • Improvement: Using technology available helps improve skills such as listening and concentration.
  • Virtual dynamic:The internet enables the use of dynamic activities before, during and after lessons.
  • Economy:: Low-cost material
  • Entertainment : Fun and dynamic classes.


What are the minimum requirements for the lessons?

Our learners should be in a quiet place without background noise, with a good microphone, camera and headset previously tested (laptops usually have built-in microphones and cameras). You should have a good internet connexion (minimum of 4 Mbps) and the latest version of Skype or Hangouts should be installed. We ask you to mute your mobile phones during lessons and set Skype or Google Hangouts status to busy.


Do lessons need to be private or can groups have e-classes as well?

We can have both individual lessons or group lessons of up to 3 students. The group classes can be carried out with all learners together or with each learner in their own study environment, using each one their computers.

For this, all computers connected have to meet the following requirements:

Is there a whiteboard so that I can follow what is being explained or discussed?

Yes. The old whiteboard everyone knows also exists in our e-classes and with an advantage: all that is written on it is subsequently sent to you, so that you can revise later on. You can also can print the material, study it and write your own textbook.

Young woman video conferencing with friend on laptop from homeAre textbooks used in e-classes?

Only in case you have specific objectives such as moving on with a particular course, passing a test, etc. The most important is that, regardless of textbooks, a custom book will be made by you and the teacher in class.

Most learners print reviews and place them in a folder in an orderly manner so it is clear to see what we are learning every month. At the end of the semester, we will have put together a book according to the e-classes you had; a book that answers to your specific needs.


How do I pay for the classes?

You purchase class-time packages, you decide in what pace you want to use them and for how long. Packages bought for a period of at least 6 months have a discount and can be be payed in up to three installments without interest.

Payments are made in advance directly to the teacher. It can be delivered in person, paid by bank deposit, Paypal or PagSeguro. It is required that a proof of payment is sent to the teacher and to the mail pagamento@simpleschool.com.br.


Can I have a free trial lesson?

Of course! Simple School offers a 45 minute free lesson for all of our future learners.


How do I cancel a class?

Letting your teacher know 24 hours in advance. Thus, the class time value will not be deducted from your payment, as there is availability for the teacher to schedule other appointments.


What if I want to cancel a package?

Buying a package means that the teacher reserves the agreed scheduled time for you, so we do not refund packages. However, in case of impossibility to take part in the lessons, you can transfer the purchased package to someone else who will replace you, occupying the same hours and the same days reserved.


Can I choose my teacher?

Of course! If you have one in mind, just mention him or her when you contact us. In case we cannot fulfill your request or if there is no preference, the selection will depend on the the availability of our educators, according to the time you have available.


Can I change teachers after lessons have started?

Of course! At the end of each package, Simple School sends a survey. Then you can inform us if you would like to continue with the same teacher or if you would like to take lessons with another SimpleSchool teacher.


Can I have a discount for my family?

Yes. We offer 5% discount for family members (spouses, parents or children) of students already enrolled in SimpleSchool classes.


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