At SimpleSchool, you’re the one who decides in which pace and schedule you’ll learn.



*For presential classes, contact us.
*This price can be adjusted in case of classes at non-conventional times and according to options chosen.

The price of the one hour lesson includes:

– Elaboration of a class specially adapted to your interests and learning goals.

– One hour of an online class essentially made of conversation, of cultural experiences exchanges and focus on the grammatical, phonetic and orthographic aspects that are important for your progress.

– A content review sent to you after class as a summary, with personalized hints and/or supplementary exercises for additional practice. This way, you can build your book with your teacher.

Have group classes*, from the comfort of your home!

More interaction, more fun, even more life to share!

Group of 2 people: 30% off the price per person.

Group of 3 people: 40% off the price per person.

Group of 4 people: 50% off the price per person.

*Applicable in packages with classes of at least 1h30 of length.


We offer 5% off for one hour class for family members of already registered students (parents, siblings or children).


Do you want to practice speaking another language, but you don’t have time?

We suggest a 30-minute practice per day, as many days of the week as you can.

With Simple e-classes, the lesson is available to you whenever you want it and wherever you are: early morning at home before leaving for work, at the office during lunch break or at night.



Tutoring: help your child enjoy learning the language he studies at school!

We suggest one or two classes of 1 hour a week.

You can adjust the schedule according to tests and to your child’s performance.

With Simple e-classes, your child meets the teacher at any time, from the security of your home, without you having to deal with traffic.



Do you want to learn a language out of pleasure and immerse in the culture?

We suggest two to three classes of 1 hour per week or 30 minutes every day. With Simple e-classes, daily practice is ideal for more advanced levels because guaranteeing a daily contact with the language helps you improve faster in fluency



Immigrating and you don’t speak the local language? Is your family multilingual and you wish to join them or introduce your child to another culture?

A multicultural family is a mix of ways of viewing life.

Beyond the language, there is culture and a new way of thinking to be discovered.

We suggest three classes of 1 hour or 2 classes of 1 and a half hour a week, for learners of the basic level that need to improve fast or for children.

This pace can be reduced for more advanced levels.


Are you preparing for an immersion program, interexchange program or for immigration?

To perfect the language, get to know the culture, the accent, the local tips, all before your trip.

Depending on your level, we suggest one to three classes of 1h or two classes of 1 hour and a half per week.



To learn a new language as a senior? More than possible, it’s recommended!

Fill your days with friendship, discover a new world, boost your brain capacity, develop your memory, all from the comfort of your home!

We suggest one class or two classes of 1 hour a week.

Investment: US$ 80/ month or US$ 160/month

Teachers Training Course: Prepare to teach languages with a humanistic methodology through the internet!

Based on the Theories of Freire, Vygotsky, Dewey, Freinet, Rubem Alves and Carl Rogers.

Tips to use the humanistic methodology and the tools of communication technology to build your online classes!

The entrance door for the SIMPLE world!

Total of 30 hours, flexible according to the group.



We are ready to find out your world of dreams, needs and goals.

Contact us and let’s build the ideal class together!

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